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KishKesh Your Backpacks!

KishKesh Your Backpacks!

By: Jen's Ever After Blog
The sweetest little personalized Disney gift in creating magical moments! My Minnie Princess received her gifted one of a kind backpack from Kishkesh with a touch of personalization bringing happiness to our family adventures! What makes this company so adorable? The motivation is to provide smiles to those special little ones providing creativity!
Let me tell you a little bit about the company and their motivation behind these adorable personalized gifts. Kishkesh is the company’s adorable monster, and there are two things that you should know about him: he tries hard not to scare people, and he enjoys painting more than anything else. Creativity is his forte. As passionate as Kishkesh is about his own creativity, though, he is just as passionate about encouraging creativity in others. He thrives on seeing people taking charge of things and getting creative.
At Kishkesh Personalization, they share Kishkesh's mindset, which is why they have made it their mission to provide adorable gift items with a touch of creative personalization to help bring smiles to the special little people in your life. Whether you are looking for something that says your child's name or you want to give someone a one-of-a-kind gift, they can help you, putting your unique and personal spin on any of the items that they offer. Great for any occasion from birthday gifts, to baby showers, and special events, Kishkesh helps deliver the perfect gift.
I love traveling with her Minnie backpack as she gets to carry her toys in a lightweight bag, has two side pockets and it also provides an adjustable harness for those tiny shoulders and Disney dates with an excited toddler! You can shop multiple items for babies, kid and moms with a selection of personalized character duffel bags, disney backpacks, disney beach towels, hats and headwear, clothing, diaper bags, tote bags, dance and sports bags, tie-dye clothing, baby blankets, and more! As the summer approaches with the little ones, these accessories make great gift ideas!
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